Hello there..

My name d0st. Welcome to my internet place. Here you will find that I show-off (AKA, your host is looking for a new job). Not a lot at the moment, but with time on our side we can hope for more content. Enjoy your stay traveller.

How do I use this site?

Click on the icons on the sidebar to browse sections. Each section has a list of projects shown as tiles. Click on any tile to open that project. If you wish to see the project list again click on the sidebar icon to toggle it. To view contextual information, click on the page icon on bottom left. If you wish to contact me, you may do so from the mail icon in the homepage section. Expect reply within one mercury day.

Can I use your work in my project?

I would be humbled if you find anything useful here. I like to make most things available for free. Some projects offer downloadable content with a download icon in the navigation bar. Few projects, however, are hosted here with special permissions from my employers. These projects are owned by their respective owners and are made available here for showcase. I hope you respect this arrangement.
If you are a web-developer, you know the secret magic window. Feel free to inspect sources, if you would like to know more. The resources are purposely not bundled for this reason. If the scripts are not human readable, they are copyrights of other parties.

Can we be friends?

Bet your undefined variable, we can. You must be warned, I am a LEVEL 7 Introvert.